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2017-2018- Wimbledon College of Art - MA Fine Art Painting 


2011-2014- Wimbledon College of Art  - BA Fine Art Painting


2010-2011- Foundation Diploma Art and Design - Richmond Upon Thames College



2023- "Homecoming" Sothebys London

2023- "Giving in Unity" Romero House, London

2019- "All staff show" Daniels spectrum, Toronto Canada

2019- "Utopia Through Nostalgia" The Koppel Project, London


2018- "SSA Annual exhibition", The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh


2018- "62 Hands", Lewisham Arthouse, London

2017- "Art Yellow Book", CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea


2016- "but not simpler", Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green, London


2015- "Pure Painting", Bar Gallery, Wilsden, London 


2014- Wimbledon College of Arts Undergraduate Show, London


2014- "Thames Tower Residency", Hammersmith, London


2013- "Hans Brinker Hotel exhibition", Amsterdam, Holland


2013- "I threw it on the ground", Bahavan Gallery, West Kensington, London



Published art work


Art Yellow Book: Number 3, January 2017





Nominated for the Prunella Clough Painting Award 2013


Nominated for the Hans Brinker Hotel Exhibition 2013

About the Artist.


Nick Macneil's work is a testament to an enigmatic psychological relationship with the natural world. The interplay of light and shadow, reflections, refractions, and intricate natural forms such as foliage, landscapes, and water, all serve as a source of inspiration for his paintings. Through painting, Macneil distills the essence of these elements into abstracted forms that invite contemplation and interpretation.

Macneil's compositions often evoke an otherworldly quality, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination. They are a synthesis of gestural expressions, dynamic shapes, and a rich tapestry of colors that move in one unified breath across the surface. Each stroke is a deliberate exploration of the dialogue between form and space, inviting the viewer to explore the hidden depths of the paintings.

Ultimately, Macneil creates a sense of organic ambiguity, where the viewer is invited to immerse themselves in a world of visual poetry. He evokes an immediate emotional response to what lies beneath the surface, transcending the literal representations of nature.

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